The Tower of Wollongong I. + II.

Escape room Budapest

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Escape room story: The Tower of Wollongong Rooms are non-traditional escape rooms, your goal is not to get to different rooms, but to start a tricky device.

The city of Wollongong is in big trouble. A handful of scientists noticed a huge flood approaching the city. They order the alarm, but the city’s automatic alarm system does not want to work. Your task is to manually start the signaling system before the city becomes a flood of flooding. Flood reaches the city within an hour, no time to waste.

The Tower of Wollongong 1 and 2 games are quite the way to the real challenge! Choose the two courses and choose the two teams! The same conditions, the same amount of help, the same amount of time! Start an hour and see who comes out of our mysterious room first.

You only have 60 minutes to overcome all the obstacles and to escape from the room. To resolve all the challenges, you will need to work in a team and think together. Use your intelligence and help the professor!

Age limit: 10+

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Reviews on escape room «The Tower of Wollongong I. + II.»

Ez a szoba nem is szoba! Viszont nyitni azért kell bőven... :) Mi 2 párhuzamos játékot játszottunk a 2 egyforma toronyban, 2 munkahelyi csapattal. Nagggyon élveztük, logikus, fifikás feladatok! A játékmester megdicsért minket, hogy 1h15m alatt 1 segítséggel kinyitottuk, de mi egy kicsit gyengének éreztük magunkat utána (szellemileg :) ).

Dr. Fröhlich Georgina

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