Operation Mindfall AR

Escape room Budapest

escape room is closed

Mission objective: 

  • Stop a global epidemic

  • Mixture of an antivirus

  • Hack into the main server and stop activation seq.

Mission location:

  • Outdoor, Throughout the city of Budapest

Starting point:

  • 1092 Erkel street 7. (Lónyai street 16)

Mission elements:

  • Augmented Reality

Number of “player” units needed: 

  • 2-6 Secret Agents

Time available:

  • 2 hours

Mission difficulty:

  • Hard

Mission briefing:

Greetings Agents! We have a rather sensitive mission for you: The international organization named: [DATA ENCRYPTED] is planning to release a mind controll virus of global proportions.

The world need you now more than ever. If the virus is activated, total chaos is guaranteed. Governments will colapse, people will revolt, every country will sink into anarchy.

The mission at hand proceeds on foot, throughout the city of Budapest, with GPS guidance to points of interest, where you must complete sub-missions. Our local HQ is at: 1092. Erkel street 7. Get there first. Our agents will give you your equipment, help you get started and will connect you with your supervisor, her codename: [DATA ENCRYPTED]

You can see your issued equipment is on the pictures to the right.

Gather your team and good luck Agents

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