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Kulcs Kérdés
Kulcs Kérdés
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In this uniquely designed room, you will have to travel around the globe through a series of riddles and skill tasks.

Will you reach your destination in just sixty minutes?

It is rather stressful to travel in a way where they can catch you and interrupt your journey at any time, making you unable to reach your destination. Now you will have the opportunity to travel across the globe over land, sea and air, all while racing against the clock. The unique setting of the game will create the appropriate illusion of travelling. You will cross dangerous waters filled with riddles and adventure. Your goal is to reach the church in time on the special day, where your love is eagerly waiting for you.

The well known locks and keys are part of our game too. But the real challenges can be found in new uniquely designed game elements you have never seen before. Have you ever thought that you will even have to navigate the ship you sneak up on? In this game you won’t need a key to escape, the door will open when all the pieces of the puzzle are in the right place.

Don’t be surprised at anything, everything has its meaning, nothing happens by chance.Don’t forget to keep an eye on the clock, time is running and won’t stop for nothing.It’s better to finish the game with the story all wrapped up, no loose end left.

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