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Escape room story: Reality is not always what it seems! Something has profoundly changed for quite a while now, but only a few have come to recognize this. A lot of people have the feeling as if they were dreaming while awake, as if they were living in a constant experience of déjà vu… little do they know what You already understand. Under the surface, machines and artificial intelligence called the Matrix is controlling the world. However, a handful of rebels decide to take the fight to the Matrix.

Along the years of their war, they manage to get hold of some information about a virus that can destroy the system if they manage to upload it to the main server of the Matrix, and by this, it can put an end to the reign of the machines. You are the chosen team who can attempt this mission. There is a lot at stake since no one has ever been closer to change the fate of humanity. Your mission takes you to the streets of San Francisco, but it only depends on you how you can move on from there.

Age limit: 14+

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Reviews on escape room «THE MATRIX»

Eredetileg a P.O.R.T.A.L. szobába mentünk, de informatikai hiba miatt végül a Mátrix foglyai lettünk. Nem mind ismertük a filmet, de így is jól játszható, élvezetes pálya volt! Fifikásak a feladatok, néha egész sor csavar van bennük, de azért megoldhatók. A játékmesterek hozzáállása pedig példásan korrekt! P.O.R.T.A.L.-t pótolnunk kell... ;-)

Dr. Fröhlich Georgina

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